Today, women considering adoption may initiate the adoption process for a child at any time before, during, or after birth. This means adoptive parents need to remain available and ready at any moment. While it’s never too late for a birth mother to start an adoption, there are times when it’s too late for adoptive parents to accept an opportunity to adopt a child.

In last minute adoptions, such as when a woman calls while in labor or immediately after her baby’s delivery, it’s vital for adoptive parents to travel right away, if needed. While some adoptive parents struggle with the need for flexibility in adoption, most people hoping to adopt welcome the chance to drop everything and head toward the child they’ve longed to add to their family.

Being ready to adopt is more than completing the necessary steps to become approved as adoptive parents; being ready to adopt also means being ready to say yes and GO when the opportunity presents.

Just this week, a woman called in labor, determined to take the next step to start her baby’s adoption plan. She had chosen adoptive parents from a packet received while she was still pregnant and was hopeful this adoptive family was still available and that they could get to the hospital soon. Upon contacting this adoptive family we learned they had just arrived, within hours of our call, at their vacation destination. Eager to adopt their first child, this adoptive couple repacked their rental car and drove several hours to meet the woman who had chosen them to adopt her baby. They were ready, they said yes, and they are bonding with their new baby today.

Unfortunately not all adoptive parents are ready to go when the opportunity to adopt comes along, which puts their adoption’s success at risk. Parents waiting to adopt are wise to plan for the possibilities as they wait to adopt:

•    What arrangements will we make for our pets or children when we are needed to travel to adopt?
•    Who can cover for me at work? Is my employer aware of my plans to adopt?
•    Do I know how to search for flights and hotels with little time to prepare?
•    Is there an alternative airport or option to get me there in a reasonable time?
•    Which friends could help me pack or take us to the airport?
•    Can I pick up baby necessities once I get to the hospital?
•    Am I familiar with texting and email on my phone to get the answers I need to move my adoption forward as we travel?
•    If we’re traveling for vacation, will I need travel insurance so I can easily rearrange our plans?

Flexibility in adoption is one of the most-offered tips experienced adoptive parents will share. While it’s unnecessary to put life on hold to the extreme, it’s important to remain prepared and keep perspective through this temporary time of waiting to adopt. Your child’s birth mother is counting on you to be ready when she needs you to be there for her baby.

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