adoption_coordinator.jpgOnce you begin communication with an adoption professional, how often should you expect to hear from them? Are they available when you call with questions, or do you get sent to voicemail?

You should be in contact with your adoption professional very frequently. Especially at the beginning of your adoption journey, when you likely have lots of questions and are turning in your adoption paperwork, you should expect them to be readily available to you.

Here at Lifetime, we strive to be there for our adoptive families and birth mothers. Emails are answered with 24 hours and our phone lines are always staffed. Since births often do not happen during the standard office hours, having that 24/7 availability for our birth mothers is absolutely necessary.

Adoptive couples working with their Adoption Coordinator on a match can also use this hotline.

Some adoptive couples currently working with us have experienced far less communication with other adoption professionals. One adoptive mother shared with us, “Thanks so much for your quick responses. We were in an adoption process before this and our other agency would take days….sometimes weeks to get back to us. It’s so nice to know that my emails are being read and my phone calls will always be answered! We are so thankful for y’all!”

An adoptive couple who recently visited our office in person shared that when they asked to visit other adoption companies, they were told that visits weren’t allowed until they contracted and paid in full. Another shared that an adoption company wanted their tax documents right away and then they’d work with them. But, they wouldn’t speak with them until they received those tax documents.

If your adoption professional won’t communicate with you or doesn’t want to meet you, that is a red flag for sure! 

Lifetime Adoption has an open door policy and welcomes currently waiting families AND prospective families as well as families who have adopted.  We LOVE meeting with people (and birth mothers) and helping them with their adoption hopes and dreams. 

Families come from all over the nation to meet us. Although coming here in person it isn’t required, it’s encouraged and welcomed! 


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Written by Lifetime Adoption