“I saw that you’re looking for additional African American couples to adopt. I also noticed that you currently have some waiting couples who are African American. Why are you searching for more couples while you still have people waiting to adopt?”

ANSWER: Great question, and we appreciate the time you’ve taken to learn about Lifetime and our need for African American couples to adopt. In open adoption, a birth mother can choose the adoptive parents for her baby. One of the things that makes Lifetime’s program, and our families waiting to adopt, stand out is our variety of families from which a pregnant or struggling mother can choose. It’s important to us that she have more than one or two families to choose from; a birth mother’s ability to choose her child’s adoptive family increases the chances that when she’s ready to begin an adoption plan for her child, she’ll be more likely to complete her adoption plan because she didn’t feel that she was pressured into or limited to a certain adoptive family.

So a birth mother’s choice is one reason we continue to keep our program open to new adopting parents, as space becomes available.

The other reason we seek more parents to adopt is because each waiting family in our program is at different phases in their readiness to say YES to an opportunity to adopt. For example, at the moment, we do have African American couples hoping to adopt, however they may not yet be ready for the mothers who are due to deliver soon or ready to place their child now. Sometimes the reason a family is still waiting to adopt is because they haven’t yet completed the necessary steps to legally adopt, such as completing or updating a home study.

Finally, we work with a variety of adoptive parents at any given time because each family is open to different opportunities; sometimes we need more families who are not only ready legally to accept an opportunity, but who are personally open to the details of the opportunities that become available. For example, sometimes a family has declined an opportunity to adopt a child based on racial background or gender of the child. Other times families may only be open to a newborn and not an older baby or toddler. Our goal is to make sure there are families available for every mother who wants to create an adoption plan for her child.

We are currently accepting applications from adoptive parents of ALL racial backgrounds and family make-up. If you’re thinking about adopting, or if you know of someone who is thinking about adopting, please visit our free application or spread the word. We’d love to learn more about you and explore the possibilities of a Lifetime Adoption for you.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption