Many women today believe that abortion is a quick fix for an unplanned pregnancy. Unfortunately what they aren’t warned about is that this quick fix is sometimes followed by lifelong regret and depression. We have worked with many women who have expressed this to us by simply saying “I can’t have another abortion,” or “I will never do that again.”

Many of the benefits of abortion and adoption are the same, including:

  • You can “go on” with your life
  • You can further your education
  • No one has to know
  • You don’t have to parent

All of these things are true about adoption, and the added benefit of adoption is you are making a decision you can be proud of rather than life with abortion grief, grief that is often private because we don’t share it with friends or family.

Recently we got the following note from Athena, who placed a child for adoption after choosing abortion for a previous unplanned pregnancy:

“Thank you for your help with Miandra’s adoption. I didn’t know that it could be this way. I wish I could undo the decision I made in the past and place that baby for adoption too. I feel so proud of myself for continuing the pregnancy and giving my child a life that I want to shout it from the roof! I never felt that way before, especially after my abortion. God bless you and I will tell everyone I meet about my experiences with adoption and abortion.”

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