Q: I left school to have my baby at sixteen. I placed by my baby for adoption, right after she was born. It was a super hard thing to do, but I didn’t want my mother raising her! That would have been a major downer. So, with the help of an amazing school counselor, I managed to pass my GED. It’s not a standard high school diploma and I am afraid it will hurt my chances of going back to school. Can I still go to college? Help!

A: “G.E.D.” stands for General Educational Development test. It is a test that anyone can take to measure their mastery of high school level skills. Most colleges accept the G.E.D. as qualifications to enter their programs. However, the pressure is on at major state, private and university campuses to be the best of the best. Many high school graduates at the top of their class get turned down by their first and second choice schools.

Don’t lose hope! The best way to start out your advanced level education is by speaking to a career counselor at your local junior college. He/she can help you decide on the career path that is best for you. They can assist you in signing up for the right classes at your local junior college to enhance your career and life goals.

Once you have your A. A. degree, it will not matter that you don’t have a traditional high school diploma! All the doors to your future will open up and you can apply to any four year college that appeals to you! Your counselor will probably suggest that you take the SAT and ACT tests. The score from these tests often carry equal weight with your grade point average to determine acceptance.

You have a bright future ahead of you! All you need is a game plan to get the ball rolling. Asking for help is the first major step! Try not to get discouraged and keep moving forward towards your dreams of achieving that college degree!

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