You will notice at the doctor’s this month that you are being checked for the same things most every visit: weight, blood pressure, urine, size of uterus, and more. These are to monitor how your body is handling your pregnancy. Your baby, while still small, is beginning to make a more notable presence. In fact, you may feel movement before the month is over. You are likely getting ready for maternity clothes that offer a little more room for you and your growing baby.

Every baby develops differently, but here is what is happening with your baby in month 5 of pregnancy: your baby is getting bigger and bigger, about 12 inches long now. Eyelids and eyebrows are forming.

If you are pregnant and scared, and feel like adoption might be the best choice for you and your baby, call our 24 hour birth mom support line at 800-923-6784, or fill out the contact form online. We can help answer all your questions about adoption, and help you move past this confusing time in your life, knowing you made the very best choices for you and your child.

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