Modern Adoption: You Make the Choices!

Modern adoption you make the choices
When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, adoption isn’t usually the first choice that women consider. In fact, upon being asked about adoption, most women say “I could never give my baby away!” The truth is that modern adoption isn’t giving your baby away. In fact, with modern adoption, you make the choices.

You can choose:

The Adoptive Parents for Your Child
You can choose from parents of any race, living anywhere in the country, with special interests or talents. You can speak with them, meet them, email or text prior to making your decision. In fact, just looking at waiting parents is often part of the decision making process itself. By choosing the parents, you are making an active choice in the type of life your child will have. We can email or mail you (in an unmarked envelope) approved families who are open to adopting your baby and help set up direct communication if you’d like.

Contact After the Adoption
You can choose what type of contact you want after the adoption. It can be simple, like letters and photos, or more active like visits once or twice a year. You can even stay connected on social media if you’d like, such as Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat. Texting or calling directly are options as well. This is a way to stay in touch with the adoptive parents and watch your child grow up. You will always know your child is growing up happy and healthy, with the life you chose for him or her.

Your Hospital Plan
You decide how things go at the hospital. You can choose who is in the delivery room with you and who cuts the cord. You can name your baby and order newborn photos. You can see, hold, and spend time with your baby. You are in control. Usually, the adoptive parents are in town at this point and can be as involved in your delivery as you want, even if that means not being there.

There are many free resources for you, like counseling, maternity clothes, help with expenses, information on post-adoption support and scholarship programs, and so much more.

Modern adoption is about your choices in adoption. Learning more about adoption is not a commitment to do it – it’s just learning more. You can request our free adoption planning kit (below) to learn more. Or, call (or text!)1-800-923-6784 anytime for confidential answers to your questions about your choices in adoption.

adoption planning kit

Please note: Your Adoption Planning Kit will arrive in an unmarked envelope so no one will see from the outside that you are receiving adoption information. If you’d prefer to receive information by email or text only at this time, we can send the information that way as well.


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