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State We Live in: Florida
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: African American

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Hi from the sunshine state of Florida! We are truly grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us. We are committed to providing unconditional love and support for your child. God and family are our top two priorities. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and look forward to sharing our faith and love for family with your child. We cannot wait to make lifelong memories as a family!

We are excited to connect with you, share more about ourselves, and keep in touch with you at your comfort level.

About Us

We are high school sweethearts and have been married for 16 years now! We have based our marriage on Jesus and continue to grow together daily. We take on life’s challenges head-on while loving and supporting each other every step of the way.

We love traveling to new places and trying new foods. We host family and friends at our home for cookouts on every major holiday.  We love college football and spend most Saturdays watching or attending games in the fall!

We are excited to create and share our family traditions with our child. We look forward to watching them grow, supporting them, and helping them achieve their heart’s desires!

Meet Courtney (by Jermel)

Courtney is one the hardest working people I know. Our home would not be the same without her love, support, and consistency to ensure everything flows smoothly. Courtney has a genuine love for people and an extraordinary love for children. Any time one of her friends’ children has an event, Courtney is always in attendance. She often helps babysit her friends’ children and, every Christmas, she provides Christmas gifts to children less fortunate so they don’t miss out on having a Christmas.  Courtney is an amazing person, and I know she will be a wonderful mom.

Courtney loves:
• mentoring youth
• reading
• traveling
• eating ice cream
• running/working out

Courtney is looking forward to taking our child hiking, baking cookies for Santa with them, and reading them bedtime stories.

Meet Jermel (by Courtney)

Jermel is not only a man of faith but also loving, kind, and a real people person. He is very energetic and wakes up each day excited to get the day started. Jermel often delivers the Sunday message at our church and is invited to speak at churches and youth events frequently. He is a football coach who takes pride in mentoring his players into young men and leading them to win championships. He’s officiated at several former players’ weddings. After watching Jermel with his players, I know he will be an amazing father.

Jermel loves:
• all things FOOTBALL
• cooking on the grill
• going to the movies

Jermel is excited to become a dad and support our child as they grow as well as make lifelong memories with them! He also looks forward to teaching them how to swim, taking them traveling, and sharing family dinners together.

Our Family

We both come from very close-knit families. We are both the “baby” of our families, so our parents and siblings are ecstatic for us to become parents! Most of our immediate family members are within a 2-hour drive. Courtney has extended family in over half of the US so our child will have family wherever the future takes them!

Our family loves to spend time together, especially during holidays. We enjoy playing games and look forward to including our child in family game nights as well as on annual family vacations! We are excited for our child to build all kinds of sweet and lifelong relationships with people who can’t wait to meet them!

Our Home in Sunny Florida

Our 4-bedroom home is located in a family-friendly neighborhood within an “A” school district. Our home has plenty of space for our growing family, including an upstairs bonus/fun room! Our neighborhood has a playground, 2 pools, a gym, and a clubhouse. We have conservation lots, and seeing deer outside during our morning jogs is not a surprise. Our neighbors are very friendly and often invite us over for family parties.

Living in Florida allows us to be close to both the beaches and theme parks. We enjoy both regularly and cannot wait to share those experiences with our child.

Our Promise

We promise that your child will know their adoption story and grow up knowing they are loved by YOU, us, and most importantly, God. We promise to give them the tools to navigate the world, to be understanding, and to ensure that your child has the opportunity to explore their interests and passions. We promise to be supportive and love deeply and unconditionally. We will share our joy and zest for life with them and create lifelong memories with your child. We will ensure they have a strong Christian foundation, morals, and values.
We promise to pray for you continually and look forward to keeping in contact with you at your comfort level.

With Love,
Jermel and Courtney

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

More About Jermel

Education: Bachelor of Science
Profession: Educator and Coach
Stay-At-Home: No, but I have summers and holidays off.
Racial Background: African-American

His Favorites:

Color: Blue
Place to Travel: Hawaii
Food: Steak
Song: A Couple of Forevers
Sport to Watch: College Football
Hobby: Going to the Movies
Game to Play: NCAA 2014 College Football

More About Courtney

Education: Juris Doctor
Profession: Attorney
Stay-At-Home: No, but I work remotely twice a week.
Racial Background: African-American

Her Favorites:

Color: Yellow
Place to Travel: Germany
Food: Seafood
Song: The Greatest Love of All
Sport to Watch: College Football
Hobby: Running
Game to Play: Taboo

More About Our Family

Our Special Interests

We love to experience new things. When we travel to new places we strive to eat at restaurants unique to that place and do activities unique to the place as well. We love all things outdoors, like:

-horseback riding

We also love going to museums, concerts, and having family movie nights! We cannot wait to share these experiences with your child.

Our Faith

We love God with every inch of our hearts. We attend church regularly and are involved in many of the auxiliaries. We attend a non-denominational church. We have a strong foundation of faith. We cannot wait to share our love for God with your child and teach them about how much God loves them. We will teach your child that God's love is key in life.

Our Musical Interest

We love listening to music. Courtney loves everything but heavy metal, while Jermel loves old school R&B. Many days, there is music playing in our home "just because." Courtney loves dancing and will dance all night long. She also dances at our church. Courtney plays the piano and is learning to play the acoustic guitar. We cannot wait to share our love for good music with your child and dance with them.

More About Our Home

Our home is close to restaurants, parks, shopping, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, and many more family fun activities. Inside our home, we have already started decorating the nursery. Internally our home is a safe space where your child can learn and grow. We cannot wait to bring your child into a home full of love and support. We look forward to partaking in many fun family activities with your child.

In Closing

We are overjoyed to begin our family with adoption and are excited to share a home full of love, support, and laughter with your child. We are grateful that you took the time to learn more about us. We look forward to the chance to get to know you!

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