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If you have an interest in adoption, Lifetime Adoption is the adoption agency in Daytona Beach, FL for you. We work with many birth parents to help them make an adoption plan and make sure they have all of the resources they need. We also help adoptive parents fulfill their dream of adopting.

Lifetime Adoption focuses on open, domestic adoption and is ready to help you with your adoption journey. Connecting birth parents and loving adoptive families has been a passion at Lifetime Adoption for over three decades.

Help for Pregnant Women in Daytona Beach, FL

Birth mom in Jacksonville holding her pregnant bellyFacing an unplanned pregnancy is not easy, and you may not know what all of your options are. If you are worried that parenting is not the right choice for you and your baby, you might want to consider modern, open adoption.

Adoption is a loving and brave choice, and Lifetime Adoption is the Daytona Beach adoption center to call or text 1-800-923-6784 if you want more. You may wonder if you need to use an adoption agency near you in Daytona Beach. The answer is “no,” you can actually use an adoption agency from anywhere in the U.S.

In Daytona Beach, many expectant women have contacted Lifetime to learn about the adoption process. Many women don’t know about how open adoption works, and that you will not be saying goodbye forever, you can still have contact with your child. Research all of your options before you make a decision, and you can even talk with a counselor who can help you understand the pros and cons of each choice.

Making sure your baby grows up in a safe, healthy, and loving home is a very loving choice. Whatever the reason, if you don’t feel emotionally or financially ready to parent a baby, adoption can be a wonderful option. Today, open adoption is the most common type of adoption, and it means you can receive updates, pictures, Facetime, and even visits depending on what you and the adoptive family agree on. Since you get to choose the adoptive parents, you can make sure they are open to the type and amount of contact you are hoping for. You will also decide how your hospital stay will go when it is time to deliver your baby.

An unexpected pregnancy is hard enough, then dealing with some of the unexpected expenses that come up due to your pregnancy can make things even harder. If adoption is looking like the best choice for you and your baby, contact an adoption coordinator at Lifetime, who can help you find resources for things such as rent, clothes, food, phone, transportation to medical appointments, and more. Your Lifetime Adoption coordinator is ready to help!

Are you currently parenting a toddler, siblings, or a special needs child in Daytona Beach? Sometimes due to financial or emotional situations or incarceration, domestic violence, or any other reason, parenting may not be the what is best for you and your child. By contacting a Daytona Beach adoption agency, you can learn about open adoption. At Lifetime, we have placed many sibling groups, special needs children, and older children in loving adoptive homes. In these cases, a professional counselor works with everyone involved and creates an adoption plan that works for everyone. The focus will be on what is best for the child or children.

Making that first call is not easy but don’t worry. At Lifetime you will always find a non-judgmental, caring adoption coordinator that will explain all of your adoption options. They will be there for you to give you the support you need and to answer all of your questions with kindness and respect. Call or text about our Daytona Beach adoption services at 1-800-923-6784.

Daytona Beach Adoption

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, you will probably have a lot of questions that come up throughout the day or night. No matter the time, you can call or text Lifetime Adoption Agency. You will find a coordinator ready to answer your questions and support you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

At Lifetime Adoption, you will find:

  • Adoptive parents who have already completed their home study.
  • Seven day a week, 24-hour access to adoption coordinators who provide help and support
  • Free Peer and Professional Counseling
  • Ongoing support and counseling after the adoption is final
  • Maternity clothes, toiletries, and other pregnancy-related items you may need during your pregnancy
  • And much more!

Adoption Counseling in Daytona Beach

One of the most difficult and brave choices you can make for yourself and your baby is adoption. Adoption is a decision that must be thoroughly thought through. Everyone around you may have an opinion, but you need to listen to your head and heart. Speaking to a counselor or someone who is a good listener will help. Through Lifetime Adoption in Daytona Beach, peer and professional counselors are available at no cost. It will help to have someone listen to your concerns and help you work through what is best for you and your baby. You can also speak with your adoption coordinator.

Peer counseling can be a great resource for you. A peer counselor has been through what you are going through or something very similar. She can talk with you about the emotions she went through and share tips on explaining your adoption choice to those in your life.

Maternity Hospitals in Daytona Beach

Your adoption coordinator will not only help you come up with an adoption plan, but she will also help you come up with a hospital plan. You and she will discuss things such as:

  • Do you want friends, family, birth father, or the adoptive parents in the room when you give birth?
  • Who do you see holding your baby or feeding your baby first?
  • Do you want time with your baby alone?
  • When you leave the hospital, do you want to go before or after the adoptive family leaves with the baby?

All your questions and concerns will be answered by your adoption coordinator, who will create a plan with you. She will provide the plan to the hospital and to the adoptive parents so everyone knows what to expect.

In Daytona Beach, the hospitals with labor and delivery services are:

Advent Health Daytona Beach
Halifax Health

Whether you end up giving birth in a hospital in Daytona Beach, a hospital out of the area, or even at home, our Lifetime Adoption coordinators will be there to support you. Lifetime coordinators are ready to deal with any situation, and they are very experienced.

The Daytona Beach Adoption Process

So, you’ve decided on adoption. How do you get started? It’s simple. Call or text an adoption coordinator at Lifetime Adoption or fill out our contact form. You will speak with an adoption coordinator who will explain the adoption process steps and answer your questions about child adoption in Daytona Beach, FL. You can count on finding a non-judgmental, caring source of support and information.

You, along with your coordinator, will go through the process of viewing adoptive parents’ profiles to find a good match for you and your baby. You can see what their lifestyle is like, what their values are, and what is important to them. Click here to view adoptive family profiles online. You will find the perfect adoptive family for you and for your baby.

We help adoptive families from across the nation, so you can pick a family from Florida or from another state if you like.

Would you like to get started now? Give us a call or text today.

Other Paths to Adoption in Daytona Beach, FL

There are other options you can consider, such as foster care. You may be going through a rough patch, and it may be that parenting is right or safe for you or for your child at this time. Unfortunately, sometimes this choice is taken from you if your baby is born with substance exposure. This can result in The Department of Children and Families placing them in foster care. When this happens, you won’t have the opportunity to decide who your baby is placed with or where they are being placed. You can create an adoption plan at the hospital even if DCF is involved. You can then choose who adopts your baby, and you may even be able to have contact after the adoption with open adoption.

Kinship adoption is another choice you can make. When there is a family member who, in general, is blood-related to the child and is interested in adopting, that can be an option. Sometimes this is a great option, but it has its pros and cons. Make sure everyone is on the same page, understands boundaries, and knows they are becoming the parents. The adoption is permanent.

Think through your options carefully. A Lifetime adoption coordinator will be happy to go over all these different types of options.

Adoption in Daytona Beach, FL

African American woman holding her adopted child in Jacksonville

Can you see yourself and a delighted toddler strolling through the Marine Science Center? Daytona Beach is full of fun indoor and outdoor activities to share with your child. Are you considering adopting in Daytona Beach, FL? Give Lifetime Adoption a call. You will find adoption coordinators ready to guide you on your adoption journey. As an adoption center in Daytona Beach, Lifetime Adoption specializes in open domestic adoption, and we are here to help you navigate the adoption process!

If you want to adopt a baby in Daytona Beach, FL, or a child, up to the age of six, contact us at 727-493-0933 to get the information you need and ask any questions you have. Lifetime Adoption is committed to you having a successful adoption journey. You can access our free online adoption application on our website. You will also find lots of other adoption resources such as education, referrals, and support.

Begin the Adoption Process

“So, how do you get the adoption process started?” is probably the question in your mind. It seems like a lot of information. The good news is you don’t have to do it all on your own! All you need to do is fill out our online application at Lifetime Adoption. You will be happy that there is no fee, and you are not obligated in any way.

Once Lifetime reviews your information and you are pre-approved, an adoption coordinator will contact you to get the process started.

Adoption Attorneys in Daytona Beach

Your adoption process will require a Daytona Beach adoption attorney. Your Lifetime Adoption coordinator will refer you to a local adoption attorney. Florida adoption laws can be complex. It is very important that all paperwork be completed legally and must be filed correctly with the courthouse.

Home Study Services in Daytona Beach

When you choose to adopt, you will need to complete a home study. Lifetime Adoption in Daytona Beach offers home study services. Whether you are contracted with Lifetime Adoption or another agency, we can still provide home study services. You may have even found a birth mother yourself or are working with an adoption attorney. Lifetime Adoption is here to provide you with cost-effective home study services. You can get started by filling out our free application for home study services for prospective adoptive families living in Florida.

Your home study will include background checks, employment, and financial verification, along with a home visit. You will also need to meet the mandatory education hours. Lifetime Adoption has those resources available. Once your home study is complete, you will be on the road to seeing your adoption dreams come true.

So, how does the home study work? First, you will get all the required documents together. This is not much fun, but it is very important. In Daytona Beach, Florida, you will need to gather the following documents together:

  • Financial statements such as tax returns, marriage certificates, paystubs, or profit and loss statements.
  • Five written references from people that know you well and can verify your fitness to be an adoptive parent. This can be personal co-workers, friends, or maybe fellow church members.
  • Health statements from your physician or other medical professional that attest to your physical and mental well-being.
  • Background checks – if you live in the home and are over the age of 12, you will need a local, state, and federal background check. This must include checks for neglect and abuse in your history.
  • Autobiographical letters explain why you have decided to adopt, what your views are regarding parenting and marriage, and any other facts you would like to share.

Your home study will also involve a home visit from your social worker. She will interview everyone who lives in the home. The social worker will also check your home environment. The home visit is done to make sure you have a safe, loving, and suitable home to raise a child in. She will also ask about your views on marriage, family, and parenting.

To complete your adoption in the state of Florida Education, twelve education hours are required. Lifetime Adoption offers access to articles, podcasts, classes, and webinars.

Finalization of Adoption at Court in Daytona Beach

Once you complete your home study, match with a birth mother, and your baby is born, you are close to the final step. The last step in your adoption journey is the finalization.

Finalizing your adoption will require no less than 90 days from when you have taken custody of the baby, according to Florida mandates. You will then have a home visit with your social worker within one week of the placement. You will also meet with your social worker once a month, either at home or another location, until you have completed three visits.

Your adoption attorney will file all the paperwork with the courthouse, and a hearing date will be scheduled at the Florida Fifth District Court at 300 S. Beach Street Daytona Beach, FL 32114. A judge will review your documents and your home study. Then he will issue a final decree of adoption. Time to celebrate!

Other Paths to Adoption

Daytona Beach International Adoption Agencies

Are you considering international adoption? This is another adoption option. There are some issues to be aware of. Generally, infant adoption is not an option. You will also want to consider the political climate of the country you want to adopt from and its laws and requirements. A country could be in turmoil, so sometimes adoptions are put on hold, or they may have had a natural disaster that makes it impossible to complete adoptions. Make sure you do your research.

Some of the more popular countries for international adoption are Eastern Europe, African nations, and China. Be sure to interview an agency that has a history of successful adoptions in the country of your choice. Some of the agencies that specialize in international adoption are:
Adopt International

Celebrate Children International

Foster Care Adoption

Foster Care Adoption in Daytona Beach

Becoming a Daytona Beach foster family is another adoption option. The Florida Department of Children and Families will provide you with all the information you need regarding the foster care adoption process. Some of the requirements are to:

  • Complete the mandatory foster parent education.
  • You must have a fingerprint-based, criminal background check to confirm no child abuse or neglect is in your history or anyone’s that lives in the home.
  • Attend a required foster parent orientation.
  • Have a complete home study with a social worker to certify your ability to foster a child in your home.

Another nationwide project that gives you access to foster kids across the nation is AdoptUSKids. You will find profiles of kids who are hoping to be adopted. You will still need to complete a home study along with any other requirements in the state to qualify.

Foster care adoption usually involves older children and children with special needs. Foster adoption does usually take less time and costs than newborn, domestic adoption, or international adoption.



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