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Free Webinar Series on Open Adoption

Free Open Adoption Webinar Family

Questions About Open Adoption? 5 Webinars with Real Answers and Real Stories

Through this series of open and honest webinars, you will learn what it means to have an open adoption. Plus hear first hand how adoptive families and birth parents built and maintained positive relationships with each other through their adoption experience. Included in this series:

  • What is Open Adoption?
  • How does open adoption work?
  • Busting Myths and Fears of Open Adoption: Myths about open adoption stem from stereotypes, fears, and lack of understanding. Discover what you can expect with open adoption and if it is right for your family’s future.
  • Two Sides of an Adoption Story: Learn what it really means to have an open adoption.
  • Tanya’s Adoption Story: What it would be like to keep in touch with your child’s birth parents? Tanya shares stories and photos from her personal experience with two open adoptions.
  • The Lifetime Difference: Founder Explains What makes Adoption Success: Founder Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. provides tips for adoption planning and avoiding some of the most common adoption pitfalls.

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“I have been working with Lifetime since January and have been attending live webinars and delving into the archives and listening to many recordings. I have found that I leave every single one having learned something, and maybe just as importantly, feeling encouraged and inspired.”



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