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Do you have questions about adoption in NH? We have answers! Lifetime Adoption is an adoption organization that has more than 30 years of experience working with people just like you. We provide services to adoptive parents and expecting mothers nationwide. Call us today or chat with one of our online representatives. We want nothing more than to give you the information you deserve.
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You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

Finding out you are pregnant when you are not ready can be frightening. You may feel alone, scared and unsure where to turn. We are here to let you know that you don’t have to feel that way.

There are hopeful families interested in adopting a child in NH and all over the United States waiting for a child like yours. We’ll help you find the information and emotional support you need while going through the process of adoption in NH.
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Adoptive Families are Waiting for You

Adoptive families come in all shapes and sizes. They are from diverse backgrounds with a variety of interests. Birth mothers can choose from any of the waiting adoptive parents in our database for any reason whatsoever. You might choose a couple because they put education first. You may pick a couple that has a similar background as you. You can even choose prospective parents simply because you have a good feeling about them. It is your decision.
These adoptive families undergo an in-depth screening process. You can be certain that your child will have an excellent home. You can also continue to watch as your child grows through an open adoption. If you wish, you may arrange to visit your child throughout the year. You can ask for photos, phone calls or social media updates. We encourage open adoptions because they allow you to be a part of your baby’s life and allows the child to grow up knowing the love of multiple parents.
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Adopting in New Hampshire

Waiting to fill your arms with a child of your own can be difficult and emotional. Lifetime Adoption has the best record of successful open adoptions in the United States. Most of our parents adopting a child in NH are chosen by a birth mother within 18 months of contracting with us, though many have completed adoptions much sooner.
You can make the process move more quickly by completing an online application right now. Our free application takes only a few minutes to complete, but it provides us with enough information to allow us to begin helping you through adoption proceedings. There is no obligation to use our services when you complete this application. If you have any questions about this application, our services or New Hampshire adoptions, call us now.






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