We created this information so that you can learn more about Lifetime and our adoption program as you move forward to find the child of your dreams. Please review all the information on this page to be well-prepared for your adoption.

(To listen, simply turn up your speakers and press play, below.)

“All About Lifetime” Teleconference (approx. 60 minutes)


“A Typical Lifetime Adoption” Teleconference (approx. 80 minutes)

Please keep a pen and paper handy to write down any questions that arise as you listen. You will have the opportunity to ask them during your personal consultation with one of our coordinators.

Thank you for listening to Lifetime Adoption’s audio presentations for pre-approved adoptive families. We are honored you are choosing Lifetime to help you find the child that is meant for your family.

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“We are just BURSTING with joy. The pre-recorded phone conference for adopting families was so wonderful. It covered so many things, and was very, very helpful. We cannot wait to work on our profile and have all of the paperwork filled out! God has answered so many of our prayers by leading us to Lifetime. I can almost feel that tiny baby sleeping in my arms!”

-A Soon-To-Be Lifetime Family