Adoption Services in Orlando, Florida

Adoption is sometimes the most loving, caring choice a pregnant woman can make for her child. Lifetime Adoption Agency facilitates open adoptions for pregnant women and adoptive parents in Orlando, Florida. These open adoptions allow birth mothers to have as much or as little contact with their child as they wish. Contact Lifetime Adoption at 407-248-7787 any time during the day or night to speak with a caring coordinator.
Adoption Services in Orlando, Florida for unplanned pregnancies

Pregnant Women Considering Adoption

There are many reasons a woman may consider adoption. The coordinators at Lifetime Adoption do not judge your decision; we simply help to make it as loving and ideal as possible. Our coordinators will help you develop a plan for your adoption that may include:

  • Hospital Stay: You can decide who is in the room with you when the baby is born.
  • Birth Experiences: You may choose to have the adoptive parents in the room with you. You may want some alone time with the baby. You can even choose an original name for the child that will appear on the original birth certificate.
  • Post-Adoption Contact: You can receive letters, emails, and photographs. You may wish to have a social media relationship with the child and the adoptive parents. You may even prefer to have face-to-face visits. And open adoption allows you to get to know the child as he or she grows if you wish.

Adoptive couples seek Adoption Services in Orlando, Florida

Get to Know Adoptive Parents

Lifetime Adoption realizes the need for birth mothers to play an integral role in the choice of adoptive parents. You can search through approved parents in Orlando, the state of Florida or around the country. Online profiles of parents who have gone through extensive background checks are available now.
Information available on adoptive parents include a thorough character profile, location, level of education, photographs, professions, racial backgrounds and much more. Couples often share a personal note about themselves as well as what they hope to achieve out of the adoption. If you see something that sparks your interest, call us at 407-248-7787 to learn more about these adoptive parents. We can email more information or send you adoption profiles by mail in an unmarked envelope. You have no obligation when you call.
Baby Adoption Services in Orlando, Florida

Why Open Adoption?

Studies have shown that open adoptions are psychologically better for adoptees than closed adoptions. As these children grow, they can experience the love of both adoptive parents and birth parents. They can get to know their genetic history as well. Open adoptions are also better for the health of a child. In the unfortunate event that a child becomes ill and/or may need some information about family medical history, an open adoption can better facilitate those needs.

Lifetime Adoption is a fully licensed domestic adoption agency. Our goal is to facilitate a loving transition during the adoption. Whether you are considering giving up your child for adoption, or you are hoping to adopt a child, call our office at 407-248-7787. We can help build families in Orlando, Florida and throughout the country. To get started on the path towards adoption in Orlando, please fill out our free online application to adopt.