Do we need a home study before we contract with Lifetime?

Adoption home study for adoption
No, families do not need a completed home study before contracting with Lifetime. We can refer pre-approved families to a profound list of social workers and private agencies in their home state to work with them on this important component of their adoption.

Most families work on their home study while Lifetime is searching for the right child for them. The home study should be for private adoption (and if working with a Lifetime Adoption Inc. Agency, an agency home study) and updated when needed. In most states, an annual update is required.

Many families find it beneficial to begin both the Lifetime process and home study for adoption at the same time. Because both may require similar information, it may save both time and money. Just ask your coordinator as soon as we have contracted for recommendations.

Should you be matched with a birth mother prior to having your private adoption home study completed, most providers will work with you to get it finished quickly, provided you have already begun the process.

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