As yard sale season begins, we wanted to share with you some tips so that you can have an effective yard sale to raise funds for your adoption:

1. Plan Ahead

During the year as you go through your closet each season, toss things that you want to get rid of into a box marked “yard sale.” Doing so will save you time and energy once you’re planning for your yard sale. You won’t have to search around the house for items to sell last minute, since you’ll have boxes of items already waiting to be priced and sold.

2. Don’t Throw Anything Away

Remember the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” before you toss something in the trash. People will truly buy anything at a yard sale! They come to sales looking to find treasures, and are more than willing to spend a few dollars on that old rake you’ve had in your garage for 7 years than to go to the store and buy one brand new.

3. Partner with Your Neighbors

Does your neighborhood have an annual sale? Sign up to participate in it! Group sales and neighborhood sales will bring A LOT of traffic to you. Even if your neighborhood doesn’t have annual sales, you can ask family members or friends to join forces with your sale. The more people you have mean more items to sell. Also, the larger your sale appears to passerby, the more likely they will be willing to stop and browse. When you have just two tables set up in your driveway, people may do a drive by to see if anything stands out. When you have several people selling and 5-10 tables, your sale right away becomes much more attractive!

4. Promote Your Yard Sale

It’s a good idea to advertise your yard sale in your local newspaper, since yard sale-ing is a sport that people take seriously. Many will plan their weekends by mapping out a route of yard sales; they search the yard sale section in the newspaper and look for the largest ones. So, make sure to advertise what type of items you will have, and make sure to mention if your sale will be a multiple-family sale. Other places to promote your yard sale are Craigslist and Facebook.

Keep an eye on our blog, because next week we’ll be sharing four more yard sale secrets!


Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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