When you think about adoption fundraising, your mind likely goes to things like silent auctions, yard sales, or spaghetti feeds. But today, we’re sharing an easier way to raise money for adoption!

Fundraising can be a daunting term because it means you have to ask family, friends, and co-workers for money. Plus, it seems like you have to become a great salesperson to make it work. There are so many fundraisers out there that involve the upfront cost of you purchasing their products. Then, you direct sell their products to others and keep the difference to use for your adoption. There are various drawbacks to this type of adoption fundraising. For one, you have to use your own money up front to buy the products. What happens if you have leftovers? Also, you have to direct sell, and not everyone is a born salesperson.

Affiliate fundraising involves directing people to a site. Their purchase, billing, and delivery are handled on this site, and not by you. You, in turn, will be keeping part of the proceeds to use towards your infant adoption.

original-bracelets-1.jpgOur Adoption Prayer Affiliate Program allows you to raise money for adoption without having to spend your own money! The affiliate program lets you share your heart for the blessing of adoption and earn 15% of each bracelet sold through your special affiliate link.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register to become an affiliate in one easy, painless step

2. Receive your own unique links to share on your website, adoption blog, Facebook page or profile, or anywhere else online. You might even post it on an adoption fundraising site that you’ve created for your adoption!  We’ll provide beautiful images you can use.

3. Visitors then click your special affiliate link, buy a bracelet, and you receive 15% of every sale.

4. You are automatically paid once your commission reaches $50.

Adoption fundraising is as easy as that! It’s completely FREE to you. Plus, there’s no inventory of product for you to hold and store. Adoption Prayer Bracelet does all the work.


Just visit AdoptionPrayerBracelet.com/affiliate-program to get started today!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption