adoption_after_infertility_icon-1.jpgLifetime Adoption recently hosted an adoption webinar about how couples can effectively turn to adoption to start their family after a hard journey of infertility.

Hopeful adoptive parents will be encouraged and motivated hearing adoption expert and adoptive mom Mardie Caldwell share her testimony through miscarriage, infertility, and adoption.

Any adoption journey comes with questions, hurdles, and excitement. In this webinar, Mardie speaks candidly of the moments that challenged her along her path to parenthood, and shared what helped her to stay focused on her dream of becoming a mother. Offering validation and tips for staying positive, keeping perspective, and embracing the blessings of adoption, Mardie brought a wisdom and hope to all who attended. Audience questions and comments helped create a comforting community in this heartfelt webinar for anyone who is taking steps to answer the call to adoption.

Simply click the “play” button below to watch this adoption webinar:

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