Hurricane Harvey aftermath.jpgWe recently saw a heartbreaking Hurricane Harvey story in the news about a mother who rescued her toddler, but did not survive herself. This is just one instance of the tragedy in Houston with Hurricane Harvey. 

These tragic stories often spark interest from those hoping to adopt, wondering how they can help the children who lost homes and family. Lifetime has been asked questions such as “how do we adopt the babies or children who lost parents in the recent hurricanes?”  Keep reading to learn if this type of adoption is possible, as well as how you can help!

The process to help children orphaned by natural disaster usually starts with finding the child’s surviving relatives. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other relatives are searching for their loved ones as well, and are eager to take these children in. A better way that you can help these children and their families is to donate to causes that are actively participating in recovering the communities impacted by the storms. For example, there have been diaper, formula, and clothing drives, among many other charities and relief efforts. The fact is that adoption isn’t simply “finding a child without parents.”

flood rescue.jpgAnother reality is that natural disasters often change plans for women who were already struggling to prepare for a baby on the way, or a young child they’re already parenting. After Hurricane Katrina, Lifetime noticed that more women started researching open adoption for a newborn or small child. After losing everything in the floods and being relocated, these women were having a hard time finding a job and were living couch-to-couch. Even those who were previously making ends meet may find themselves in situations they never imagined, as they try to recover and get back on their feet. It’s never too late for a mother to consider adoption.

Many women who are facing homelessness or who are unable to provide for their child’s basic needs may also consider open adoption. It’s a much better alternative than the risk of having the state’s foster system take control.

If you’re considering adoption, consider becoming a Lifetime adoptive family who could be chosen by a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or having a hard time providing for her baby or small child. With open adoption, she has control over what happens to her baby. She could choose YOU to be the best way her child can have everything he or she needs for a stable future.


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