crowdfundingChoosing to expand a family in any way is beautiful, and adoption touches so many people around the world. Whether a family is choosing adoption after dealing with infertility or just because of a powerful desire to adopt, it can change lives in a huge way for both the adopting family and the adoptive child. Regardless of how a family comes to the decision to adopt, the process of adoption can be a long and hard road with obstacles along the way.

Cost of Adoption

Adopting a child can be extremely expensive, which can be a burden on your family when going through the process. Cost is one of the main reasons why families don’t adopt, as the cost to adopt a child is around $50,000. The expenses that come with adoption include home study, document preparation and authorization, adoption agency application, and so much more. The costs can add up quickly, which can be overwhelming. Although the cost is worth it when you get to connect as a family in the end, that can be a huge obstacle to cross.


When looking to adopt for crowdfunding options for adoption, AdoptTogether is a non-profit organization with the goal of connecting families who want to adopt with children in need of homes. AdoptTogether is the largest adoption crowdfunding option, having helped over 3,000 families in five years by raising over $12 million to adopt. Aspiring families wanting to adopt create a profile with AdoptTogether to be open to supporters providing designated gifts as well as encouragement throughout their journey of adopting.

How Can I Set One Up?  

Setting up an account is easy!  Begin by creating an account and setting up a profile.  You can tell your story and then you are ready to begin sharing your adoption journey with friends, family, and more!  The more compelling it is, the more success many families find.  You may even have the option of adding video, pictures and more!  Please understand that AdoptTogether does deduct a 5% transaction fee to help cover the costs of the platform as well as credit card processing.

How Can I Help?

If adoption is important to you and is something that has touched your heart, it’s important to do your best to support crowdfunding platforms like AdoptTogether in order to support adopting families. Consider donating to a family you know to help them with the resources they need to adopt their child. In your everyday life, support companies who give back to crowdfunding organizations like AdoptTogether. Support a company like Pure Flix for example, who donates a part of their profits to AdoptTogether. Every little gift counts and can connect families and change lives, so don’t take your involvement lightly. The smallest donation can truly make a difference, so do everything you can to support the companies you believe in.

Adoption truly does change lives around the globe, and it may have touched your life as well. Maybe your best friend was adopted, a family member, or even you! Those adoptions wouldn’t be possible for some families without finding alternative ways and crowdfunding organizations to bring them together. Some families may shy away from adopting solely because of the overwhelming costs, and it’s important for them to know the options that are available.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption