Lifetime Foundation has started a specific fund to assist Bahamian families living on the outer islands. These communities often have little water or government assistance, few opportunities for special education, and a lack of employment opportunities. The results are often high rates of abuse, substance abuse, and poverty.

Recently a party of six volunteers visited one of these islands and provided assistance through:

  • Advocacy for governmental repair and refill of a water tank.
  • Direct donations of clothing, shoes, and personal care products.
  • Direct dontations of food
  • Educational and vocational training.
  • Services and assistance to special needs children.
  • Advocacy with medical and educational professionals to expand services available.
  • Hands on work to teach islanders how to do basic household repair and carpentry, such as chicken coops.

The needs there are great. Similarly, the costs to help these people is great. We hope to provide more training and educational opportunities as well as assistance for children with special needs and learning disabilities. The Bahamian people are eager to learn and so grateful for any help they receive. Please prayerfully consider donating to this special fund so that more blessings may be granted through the Lifetime Foundation. Visit LifetimeFoundation.org to donate.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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