Dear Mardie,
We are just starting our adoption journey and have begun to make our adoption profiles. We were wondering, what do birth mothers look for in an adoptive family?
-Chris & Jennifer

Hi Chris & Jennifer,
It depends on what is important to them. This can mean they are looking for someone with pets, a stay-at-home mother or a parent with a degree. One young teen I worked with wanted a parent that had horses and would allow the child to have their own pony! That was her only requirement. The most commonly requested is a loving married couple with extended family.

Patience and care for the birth mother and her feelings is very important. Appearance and age of the adoptive parents for some is secondary or not even a consideration as much as what is in the adopting parent’s heart.

Most want their child to have a stable family life with an extended family that will accept them with open arms. They want a safe home and parents in a secure relationship for their child. Birth mothers usually look for adoptive parents who can live a full, active life with the child they adopt.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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