The Christmas season is almost upon us. Soon the stores will be full of shoppers. The stress level will be up and everyone will be in a hurry to somewhere important. I am happy if I manage to send out my greeting cards on time and get gifts for family. Recognizing friends and other important people in our lives becomes a near impossibility. A new and fun tradition in our household is to take advantage of the lull before the storm!

On the weekend before Thanksgiving, we choose special neighbors and friends to recognize with a Thanksgiving treat. My girls and I bake pumpkin bread and wrap it in wrap and pretty ribbon. We roast pumpkin seeds and make fudge. All the goodies are arranged in a basket and tied with orange and brown ribbon. You might want to include some pretty stationary, herbal tea bags, a scented candle or fuzzy socks. Finally, there is a personal note attached (in the shape of a turkey) that declares “We are thankful for you!”

We then spend a Saturday morning hand delivering the treats. No one expects a Thanksgiving surprise and it is a great way to draw loved ones closer. They will know how much you appreciate them. Your children will love helping bake the bread and delivering the goodies. After all, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? : cherishing those we love and admire.

Do you have someone you want to recognize this Thanksgiving? Is there someone in a care home who needs a smile? Do you know of anyone battling a long illness or going through a hard time? Is there a special teacher that you want to honor? Have you adopted and want to thank your birth mother? Why not surprise them this year at a time that is thoroughly unexpected? There is nothing more gratifying than giving a generous and unexpected gift from the heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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