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by | Aug 28, 2018 | Adoptive Families Blog

Lifetime's blog won a Christian adoption blog award!We’re excited to announce that our blog has just been awarded in the “Top 20 Christian Adoption and Foster Care Blogs!” Lifetime’s blog was named in the prestigious top 3 adoption blogs in this list, curated by content reader Feedspot. What an honor to be among this list of other awesome adoption blogs, for the second year in a row! Lifetime’s adoption blog was selected from thousands of Christian blogs out there using search and social metrics. According to Feedspot, blogs are ranked by these criteria: 

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Also in the top 3 of Feedspot’s “Top 20 Christian Adoption and Foster Care Blogs are Lifeline Children’s Services’ blog and the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ blog

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To celebrate our Christian adoption blog award, we wanted to share our top 5 blog posts from the past year:

  1. 3 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Adopt

  2. 7 Must-Haves to Pack for Adoption Travel

  3. 7 of the Most-Asked Questions About Open Adoption

  4. What if She Changes Her Mind About Adoption?

  5. Discover What You Should Never Do at the Hospital

Lifetime Adoption’s blog is honored to appear on this top adoption blogs list for the second year in a row! Last year, Feedspot awarded Lifetime in the top 10 of their “Top 100 Adoption Blogs” list.

Feedspot is a content reader which you can use to read all your favorite websites in one place, including blogs, news sites, YouTube channels, and social sites. Using a content reader helps you keep up to date with your top info sources. The content comes right to you, allowing you to save the time it’d take to check each site individually.

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Heidi Keefer

Written by Heidi Keefer

Heidi Keefer is a Content Creator for Lifetime Adoption and has over 15 years of experience in the field of adoption. An author of thousands of articles and social media posts over the years, Heidi enjoys finding new ways to educate and captivate Lifetime’s ever-growing list of subscribers.

Heidi has a keen eye for misplaced apostrophes, comma splices, and well-turned sentences, which she has put to good use as a contributor to Lifetime’s award-winning blogs. She has written and published hundreds of adoption articles which explore the various facets of domestic infant adoption today.

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