truth about adoption.jpgLast week, we gave you info on how to Get Expert Adoption Advice at Lifetime’s Q&A Webinar. The recording of this adoption webinar is now available online for you to listen in. Discover the truth about the beauty of open adoption! You can tune in from wherever you are, using the GoToWebinar smart phone app. 

If adopting a baby has been on your mind, we know you’ll benefit from this Adoption Q&A Webinar which Lifetime hosted. 

Our team of Adoption Experts fielded questions from hopeful adoptive parents in the audience. The questions they asked are probably ones that you also have! If you couldn’t make it to our recent webinar, tune in online using this link: Adoption Q&A –January 2017.

In this adoption webinar, we discussed many topics, including:

  • How birth mothers learn more about Lifetime adoptive families
  • The importance of adoption preferences here at Lifetime
  • Why communication with your adoption center is so vital 
  • Tips for military adoptive families
  • How to better understand how open adoption works today
  • What birth mother’s expectations typically look like
  • …and more!

This adoption webinar will benefit you, no matter if you’re just beginning to look into infant adoption or if you’re actively starting the adoption process!

You can listen in to Lifetime’s Q&A webinar at AdoptionWebinar.com. To hear it, you’ll need to subscribe first. Subscribing is completely free, and it’ll give you access to all of our webinar recordings. You’ll also be sent info, dates, and times about our future webinars! You can subscribe using this link.

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