learn about 5 amazing advantages to adoption!If you’re a woman trying to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, you might not know about all the advantages of adoption. Modern adoption plans offer pregnant women so many amazing benefits. Today, Lifetime is sharing with you just 5 of the many amazing advantages of adoption:

1. The Power to Choose the Adoptive Parents

With modern adoption, you have the power (and the right) to decide who will adopt your baby. Lifetime will send you profile booklets about adoptive families, or you can browse waiting adoptive families on our website. Once you have selected your top two or three couples, you’re able to interview them and ask questions that are important to you! 

2. A Chance to Finish Your Education

An unplanned pregnancy might put a stop to your education and career goals that you wanted to achieve before becoming a mom. By choosing adoption, you can receive your education, or begin or continue your career. Studies have shown that young women who chose adoption were more likely to finish school. Learn about a scholarship for birth mothers by visiting LifetimeFoundation.org.

3. Knowledge of How Your Child is Doing

By making an adoption plan, you’re able to be sure that your child will be raised by loving parents. For most women, knowing that their child is happy, safe and loved is the biggest benefit of them all!

4. Better Quality of Life

Lots of women choose adoption because they can’t provide for a child at this point in their lives. So, they select an adoptive couple who are able to provide financial stability along with a two-parent home. Their child is then able to grow up in a stable home environment and has more educational opportunities. 

5. Being a Part of Your Child’s Life

A major advantage of adoption is the ability to still be a part of your child’s life. Open adoption allows you to stay in touch with the adoptive family and your child through pictures, letters, emails, phone calls and sometimes visits. You’ll be able to see that your child is growing up happy and loved. Many birth mothers have told Lifetime that knowing how their child was doing helped reassure them that they made the right choice.

Choosing adoption for your baby isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the best decision for the situation.

What can help is hearing from other women who have been where you are. Hear what open adoption is like by clicking here!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption