Lilada’s story:

“My reflections:
I still remain grateful that I have been able to provide a very different childhood for my children than I had. God has given me the strength to break generational patterns, choices and consequences in my family line. I purposely did not say curses. I think when we use the term “generational curses” we remove the personal responsibility that each person; each generation has to choose better. A curse infers that it happens against both our will and our power to have a different outcome. I made very difficult and costly choices in order for my children not to grow up in a home that was a war zone. I made the choice that as a divorced woman, I wasn’t going to have men in and out of my home thereby increasing the risk for abuse and I made the choice to cut ties with relatives that have abused me and other children in order to protect them.

If we are going to end sexual violence against children it’s not going to be legislated, it’s not going to be court ordered and no social agency will stop it. It will stop when each individual and each family makes the choices necessary to keep children safe and hold ALL abusers accountable for their actions. As the theme song to the TV show Barretta used to say, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, yeah, don’t do it!”

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Lilada is a passionate mother, author, speaker and advocate for girl and women surviors of sexual abuse. For more info see http://www.facebook.com/lilada

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