pregnant woman insulted by someoneWomen who are pregnant should get compliments such as “you’re glowing!” or “you’re beautiful!” But it seems that the opposite is often the case. We’ve shared a few of the types of comments you may hear, and tips for how to react…

Here are some rude comments that people actually said: “Wow, I feel skinny standing next to her.” …”You just seem so big. Are you sure it’s not twins?!”… “You’re enormous!”

Comments like these are offensive. Pregnancy isn’t a justification for people to freely observe your size or looks. If you find yourself surprised by a stranger’s words, consider: Would it be fine to say that exact comment to someone who wasn’t pregnant? If the answer is no, that’s why you feel insulted.

It’s worth it to respond to rude comments. Since you’re likely to be more emotionally sensitive during your pregnancy, it’s more vital than ever to take care of yourself. Ignoring things that disturb you may make them worse. How you reply to rude comments will depend on your method for handling conflict.

You can speak to the offensive comment as it occurs. If you’re humorous, you can toss out a witty (or even sarcastic) comeback. But if you like to steer clear of conflict, there are also nonverbal ways to address the rude comment.

You may find it beneficial to journal about a rude comment who encountered, and what you’d like to have said to the person. You could also share your frustration with a friend, partner, or family member. You may even find it therapeutic to take out your anger by punching a pillow, stomping your feet, or by picturing the offender’s face and visualizing what you’d like to say. To use a positive, healing approach, you could pray about it, or focus on feeling kindness for the person who made the comment, who may be oblivious to the impact of what they said.

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