This Q&A comes in to our teen peer counselor, Jewelz.

Dear Jewelz,
my name is robin, im currently 14 in september ill be 15. two weeks ago i found out i was pregnant they said i was 7 weeks pregnant, i dont know what to do. my boyfriends just wants to do what i wanna do. but i have no clue what to do i need some help! i know my options but dont know what to choose.

You should have a talk with your boyfriend and see what his true feelings are. He can’t just say, “i dont know”, he has word in this too, he’s going to be the father of this baby, so really talk to him about that. Personally I have to say that adoption is the best choice you should choose for your age. Alot of girls your age want to keep their babies when they find out that they’re pregnant but in reality, girls our age in our generation aren’t suppose to be mothers yet. we’re still developing and learing how to be an adult and someday mother. So if you really want your baby to have the best life they can, adoption would be your best chance. You can have an open adoption where you get to see your child as they grow up. Visit, they are a great adoption center that can really help you. Feel free to email me back with further questions. Good Luck hun!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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