Have you been wondering why you still don’t have a boyfriend? When you talk to your mom or friends, do they always ask you if you’ve met someone yet? It could be possible that there are some hidden reasons keeping you unattached… let’s take a look at some potential reasons:

1. You Still Have a Broken Heart. Make sure that you have time to heal from your last break up before you enter into a new relationship. Take whatever amount of time you need to heal your heart. If you need it, get counseling, find a support group, or purchase a relationship advice book.

2. You Didn’t Check Your Baggage at the Door. Some people tend to keep issues from past relationships from entering into a new one. Do you still feel wounded from your last relationship? Do you continue to blame your ex? Take the time needed and do some healing work. Practice forgiveness, and take full responsibility for creating your own life now.

3. You Are Too Nervous. It’s perfectly natural to feel awkward and clumsy on your first date. Take it easy and just realize those feelings will pass. Try to think of your nervous feelings as exciting; dating is helping you step outside your comfort zone and into new adventures.

4. You Come Off as Desperate. If you feel like you must have a boyfriend, that attitude will be obvious to the guys you meet. And, it’s probably going to make them run off in the opposite direction. When you’re starting to date again, remember to be patient. No one wants to feel chased.

5. You’re too Serious. If you have a lot of responsibilities, including raising children as a single parent, and working full-time, it’s possible that you’ve lost a bit of the ability to have fun. Now’s the time to go out and remember how to have fun. Take dancing lessons, go to a concert, or whatever activity you have fun with. You never know, you might meet someone with common interests.

6. When You Look Good, You Feel Good. And when you feel good, it will translate to increased confidence which will be obvious to guys. If you’ve recently got out of shape a bit, it’s time to reverse this trend before it becomes an even bigger problem and affects your health. Also, take stock of your wardrobe. If you’re wearing dated clothing or clothes that don’t flatter your figure, get rid of them. Find some clothing that will enhance your body shape. You will feel better and gain confidence.

7. You Are Too Picky. Consider what your standards are for a potential boyfriend. If they’re so high that no one could ever measure up, relax! Try going somewhere you’ve never been before, or eat at a new restaurant. Take a class about a subject or activity that interests you. By trying something different and new, you’ll get a better attitude and an open mind.

If you can relate with any of these possible reasons for still being single, take some time and energy into healing and improving yourself. It’s totally possible for you to make the changes needed to improve your life!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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