heres why i chose adoption.jpg“I discovered that I was pregnant at 24. I was single and enlisted in the Navy. When I told my family, no one would help me out. My aunt even said, “you made the bed, now you need to sleep in it!” By that, she basically meant it was my responsibility. I realized that I had to make a decision pretty quickly because I was going to be shipped out to sea in a few months. I was against abortion, and so I decided on adoption. I wanted my soon-to-be-born son to grow up with a financially stable married couple who would love him unconditionally.

When I called Lifetime, the Adoption Coordinator I talked to asked me questions about what I was hoping for in an adoptive couple. She sent me adoption profiles of couples that matched what I was seeking. I was able to pick the family that adopted my son, which I’m so grateful for. My cousin’s friend also adopted out her baby, and she said the agency just picked a family for her without asking her first.

The Navy let me deliver my baby and then return to duty. The adoptive couple I chose were called when I went into labor. They were able to get to the hospital just a few minutes after I gave birth to my son. As I’d requested in my adoption plan with Lifetime, my son went home with the adoptive parents.

Today, I stay in touch with the adoptive couple and my son through email and Facebook, where they post photos, videos, and updates. I love that wherever in the world I’m stationed, I can see updates on my son! Choosing adoption has proven to be one of the best choices I ever made. Because I get updates on my son, I know he’s cared for and loved. I can just see it in his eyes in the videos and photos they share. If I ever wanted to see him in person, the adoptive couple has agreed to meet me for a visit. I trust that they’d do that since they’ve followed through with everything else they promised to me before the adoption.”

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption