Which is the Best Pregnancy or Adoption App for Me?

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Pregnant African American woman in her living room, looking at an adoption app on her phoneNine months can seem like a lifetime when you find yourself unexpectedly expecting. But there are many apps out there to aid you in tracking and monitoring the changes you experience with your body as well as with your baby’s development. Pregnancy apps can help you follow progress, monitor your symptoms, and even provide some distraction. And an adoption app may be the key you need to arrive at the best decision for you and your baby.

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Whether you’re looking for an app that counts your baby’s kicks or an adoption app to help you learn about your choices, you’ll discover it on our list. Here are the top 5 free apps that we think are handy to have to answer your questions when you’re pregnant:

1. Pregnancy+

Pregnancy+ was designed by experts in the fields of healthcare, childbirth, and parenting to provide you with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information. It has daily pregnancy info, a doctor’s appointment log, a contraction counter, as well as pregnancy diet, exercise, and labor info!
With this app, you’ll get daily articles customized to how far along you are in your pregnancy. You can also allow your partner to follow along by downloading the app themselves, and you can even personalize your pregnancy tracking. Pregnancy+ also offers handy tools like hospital bag packing lists, birth plan ideas, a contraction counter, and a calendar to track your prenatal appointments.
Available on the:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

2. What To Expect’s Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This pregnancy tracking app has been around for years, and it’s no wonder. It’s a resourceful app packed with information on every aspect of pregnancy. There’s easy-to-follow information on what’s going on during every week of your pregnancy.
This app gives you personalized tracking of your pregnancy with week-to-week videos about your baby’s size and your body’s development. Unlike other apps that compare your baby’s current size to different fruits, this one compares your baby’s size to nostalgic items from the 80s and 90s, as well as movie and TV props! There’s also information about:

  • The best pregnancy exercises
  • Nutrition: Healthful tips to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals for baby
  • Labor: How to get ready and practical advice to prepare
  • Delivery: Great tips and answers to questions you may have
  • Health guidance: Common questions expecting women have along with lots of health tips

Many doctors recommend this app because it offers sound medical advice. Available on the:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Pregnant woman outside looking at an adoption app on her iPhone

3. Open Adoption App

If you’re trying to decide whether adoption is right for you, the free app “Open Adoption” is a convenient resource to help as you choose adoption or parenting. This tool lets you view adoptive families who would love to adopt your child and enables you to reach out to professionals who can help you through the adoption process.
When most women start to think about adoption for their child, they wonder, “How does it work?” When you select “Adoption Process” in this adoption app, you’ll get clear, easy-to-follow info about how the adoption process works, tailored to your situation. So whether you’re pregnant, choosing adoption from the hospital, or making an adoption plan for your child, you’ll find the information you need in Open Adoption.
Download for free on the:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

4. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

This pregnancy app from BabyCenter has it all—a library of useful resources, 3D renderings of your baby’s development in the womb, and more.
Your personalized pregnancy timeline includes easy-to-understand highlights each week: symptoms you can expect, your baby’s dimensions, their size compared to produce, and their developments. It includes a:

  • Feature called “Is it safe?” for common activities, products, and foods
  • Contraction timer
  • Kick tracker
  • Birth plan form for labor and delivery that you can share with your doctor

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 in the App Store, BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker is certainly worth a download!
Available on the:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

5. Sprout Pregnancy

If you like to journal, this is the app for you! The Sprout Pregnancy app provides one of the great journaling options out there.
You can keep track of your baby’s movements, daily progress, and fun little things you want to remember. In addition, there is an option to share your stories with other people, such as your baby’s adoptive mother.
Overall, pregnant women say this app helps them stay organized and educated on what’s going on with their baby and their bodies. What’s better than that? You can download the app on the:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

Adoption App – Learn About Your Choices

Today, a lot of the most important info we get is on our phones. Apps help us keep in touch with family, post updates for friends to see on social media, and fit in a quick workout. There’s even an adoption app to learn about your options in modern adoption.
If you’re pregnant and not sure if you’re ready to be a parent yet, don’t worry. You’re not alone. You can contact Lifetime Adoption’s support line by calling or texting 1-800-923-6784 any time of the day or night.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on January 1, 2016, and has since been updated. 

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