will anyone want to adopt my special needs baby?“I’m due next month, and just found out my baby will have special needs! I have no idea how I’m going to manage all these medical bills or give him the extra care he’ll need. So, I’m thinking about adoption. But, will anyone want to adopt him?”

Yes! There are hopeful adoptive couples ready and waiting to give the long-term care and commitment that a special needs baby will need. High medical bills, extra care and attention, and personal sacrifices usually come along with having a special needs child. If you’re unable to provide the commitment, time, and financial support he needs, there are adoption options available to you.

Some women contact Lifetime after trying to care for their child with medical problems or a disability themselves. They find that they can’t afford or handle the needs of their baby. There are adoption options available in these cases, too.

Considering adoption for a baby born with medical problems, disabilities, or even exposure to drugs and alcohol is a very unselfish action. We’ve worked with women whose life situations wouldn’t let them take time off work to care for their child. At the same time, they weren’t able to afford medical bills or in-home care. Special needs adoption is a way to give your baby all of the things that they need to have a happy and well-cared for life.

At Lifetime, we have families who are interested in adopting a special needs child. These families are willing and prepared to give your child a loving and supportive home. They’re committed to your child’s long-term care, which includes financial obligations, time commitments, and medical care. Click to view adoptive families waiting to adopt a special needs child.

One of your choices with a modern adoption for your special needs baby includes open adoption. In an open adoption, you hand-pick the couple who will care for your baby. You can also choose how much contact you’d like in the future, whether it’s letters, phone calls, emails, or photos of your baby. Many birth mothers say that this gives them peace of mind in knowing that they made the right decision and that their child is getting the care, love, and attention they need.

By confessing that you can’t provide what your special needs child requires, you’re not letting them down or being selfish. Adoption is a huge act of love. There’s a home for each child with Lifetime, and an adoptive couple waiting to adopt your baby with special needs.

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