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Young woman talks on the phone and receives birth mother supportBirth mother education and support are our focus at Lifetime Adoption. We have many different resources and support for you online, as well as peer counseling, access to adoption attorneys, a wide selection of adoptive parents to choose from, help via text and phone 24/7, maternity clothes, and so much more. We provide this support before, during, and after the adoption.

In fact, you’ll never be without help or emotional support when you go through the adoption process with Lifetime Adoption. Our caring adoption coordinators will help you from the moment you first contact us all the way through to making an adoption plan and completing the adoption itself. We are always here for you.


Let’s look at a few things that women who place their babies for adoption often need when it comes to birth mother support. We’ll also show you where to find birth mother support on this very website including our 24-hour birth mother support hotline!

Support For Birth Mothers

Your Adoption Choices

Lifetime Adoption wants pregnant women looking for adoptive parents to understand that they have many adoption choices. We want to honor and facilitate the choices you can make through the entire open adoption process. With an open adoption plan, you can choose:

  • The parents who adopt your baby (you can talk to them, meet them, and get to know them before deciding)
  • Your hospital plan (if you want to see your baby, hold your baby, and even who is in the delivery room with you)
  • Future contact plans (for deciding how much interaction you’ll have with the baby and his or her new family after the adoption)

We’ll walk you through each of these adoption choices — and many more! These decisions are yours to make, and we’ll make sure that you have all the help you need.

We will not pressure you or preach to you. And there’s no obligation to choose adoption just by calling to learn about it — ever. If you do decide that adoption is the right choice for you and your baby, we’ll provide the support and help you need both during your pregnancy and after your baby has been placed with the loving family that you have chosen.

Adoption Services for Expectant Mothers

Birth mothers can use a wide range of resources and adoption services through Lifetime Adoption. These include:

  • Counseling, both peer counseling and licensed professional counseling
  • Goal-setting guidance
  • Access to our nationwide database of pre-screened adoptive families to choose from
  • Help to create an adoption plan
  • Medical referrals
  • Access to legal assistance
  • Help with the medical and other resources you need
  • Pregnancy-related expenses paid (if allowed by state law)
  • Transportation to your doctor’s office

Adoption Peer Support Network

One of the most important things we can do is to share our stories with others. Through Lifetime’s peer counseling network, you can connect with a woman who has already gone through the adoption process.

All of our peer counselors are women who have been where you are and have had to face the same choices you are. They come from different backgrounds and are available to talk with or email you. It’s like your own personal birth mother support group. Peer counseling is always free for birth mothers.

Free Adoption Kit

Lifetime’s free adoption kit is filled with helpful information and paperwork to help pregnant women in making the choice that’s right for them. The kit includes a book, profiles of adoptive families, brochures, and a gift just for you!

More Digital Adoption Resources

Not only does Lifetime Adoption have its own adoption smartphone app — we also have a free adoption e-book and a huge blog of topics just for birth moms.

Adoption Scholarships

Through the Lifetime Adoption Foundation, birth parents can apply for educational scholarships available for people who have made the loving choice to place their babies for adoption. Many young women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant worry about their own futures as well as the future of their child. These scholarships can provide help for those who want to continue their education.

Maternity Clothes and More

Another way that we provide birth mother support is by getting you maternity clothes. We can even assist pregnant women in securing other household items, at absolutely no cost. Our sister website Birth Mother Blessings has more info on how to get the items you need.

Housing and Financial Assistance

Lifetime Adoption can help you find housing assistance for pregnant women. We can also help secure financial help with your pregnancy-related expenses if allowed by your state’s law. Your Lifetime coordinator can help you create a form with your needs, and then evaluate with an attorney what is allowed in your state.

Contact Us Anytime

We’re available to you around the clock. If you have any questions about modern, open adoption, or the options you have, please call or text.

Remember: Our staff is available any time, day or night to assist you or to provide information about adoption and the services we provide to and for birth parents.

There are many ways to contact us:

We’re here for you, with the help you need, when you want it, anytime 24/7.

Mardie Caldwell Certified Open Adoption Practitioner

Written by Mardie Caldwell Certified Open Adoption Practitioner

Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., is nationally recognized as an expert on open adoption. A Certified Open Adoption Practitioner (C.O.A.P.), Caldwell is the founder of Lifetime Adoption Center, established in 1986. She has assisted in over 2,000 successful adoptions and was one of the first adoption professionals on the Internet.

Caldwell’s life work is dedicated to educating and helping birth parents find the right adoptive parents for their child. She spreads the word about modern adoption through speaking appearances, webinars, online resources, and as a podcast show host.

She has written several award-winning books, including So I Was Thinking About Adoption, the first book of its kind. There are many reasons women choose adoption, and this short book is a comprehensive resource to make the best plan for you and your baby. Caldwell wrote So I Was Thinking About Adoption as a handy guide to the details of the adoption process.

Caldwell has made over 150 media appearances, including ABC News, CBS News, Larry King Live, CNN Headline News, NBC’s The Today Show, CNN’s The Campbell Brown Show, NBC News, KGO Newstalk Radio, CNN’s Black in America II, MSNBC, Fox, PBS, BBC, and Dr. Laura.

Read More About Mardie Caldwell

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  1. Sarah asman

    My niece had her twin girls taken off her and they went into foster care but we’re shortly adopted after. Ten years on she is still struggling to deal with this and has had many cpn’s and countless councillors to try and help her with the anger and blame she continues to put herself through. I have tried looking for forums and help groups for her to join but I can’t seem to find what she needs. Can you please point me in the right direction please as to where to look or who to contact.

    Kinds regards
    Sarah Asman

    • Lifetime Adoption

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for reaching out on behalf of your niece. She is fortunate to have such a kind and caring aunt looking for help for her! Unfortunately, we are not aware of a specific support group that helps parents whose children were taken away from them by Child Protective Services. BraveLove and BirthMom Buds are two organizations that support birth mothers who have lovingly chosen adoption. Your niece may benefit from getting insight from a licensed therapist or psychiatrist experienced in this type of situation.

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