cost to adopt out my baby.jpgQuestion: “So, I’m 22 and just found out I’m pregnant. My boyfriend up and left once he found out. I’m pretty sure what I need to do is adopt out my baby. Money is really tight right now, so I know I wouldn’t be able to afford a baby. Can you tell me what it costs to place my baby up for adoption?”

Answer: There’s actually no cost to you to make an adoption plan for your baby. The adoptive family you pick will pay for all of the legal fees surrounding the adoption process. 

And, your prenatal doctor’s visits and hospital stay can also be paid for. If you need financial help with these medical bills, make sure to tell the Adoption Coordinator you speak with at Lifetime.

We’ve worked with women facing an unplanned pregnancy who find themselves in a living situation where they do not feel supported and safe. If this sounds like you, Lifetime can help you locate low- or no-cost housing options. Just remember to mention this need to your Lifetime Adoption Coordinator. 

You’ll probably have financial needs throughout and after your pregnancy. Many parents with an adoption plan in place get some financial support related to their pregnancy.

The laws vary about how much you can receive and what kind of financial support can be given, depending on what state you live in. Share your specific needs such as housing, food, and medical needs with your Adoption Coordinator. Having a plan in place for how you’ll take care of your basic needs makes for a safe pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery experience.

Do you have questions about adoption costs and financial aid?

Call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784 to share your needs with one our caring Adoption Coordinators.

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