birth mothers story.jpgWhat’s it really like to decide on adoption for your baby, look through adoptive family profiles, pick a family, and place your baby with them? Today, we’re sharing one woman’s story of adoption.

Whether you’re pregnant or a struggling mother thinking about adoption for your baby, you probably have tons of questions and concerns including, “what is adoption like?”. After all, this is a major choice to consider for your child’s life. What’s helped many women thinking about adoption is to hear from someone who’s been where they are.

Today, we’d like to share one birth mother’s story with you. Tammy made an open adoption plan for her son while she was pregnant, and placed him with the loving adoptive family she chose once he was born.  You can listen to Tammy’s Story – Open Adoption: A Birth Mother’s Journey  online from wherever you are. It shows a real Lifetime Adoption birth mother’s side of what open adoption is like.

It’s so important for you to check things out and get the answers you need to help you make the best choice for you and your child. We think this story can help give you some of those answers. In it, Tammy shares about open adoption as a birth mother, what open adoption can be like today, and insight from her relationship with her grown son today and his view of his own adoption story.

Hear Tammy’s about open adoption journey by clicking the image below. Then, just give us your name and email and we’ll email you the recording right away!


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