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Choosing adoption for your child is a difficult decision, but may be the right one. Let us help you decide by answering all of your questions, explaining the adoption process in Maryland and allowing you to think about adoption before making a commitment. Lifetime Adoption has worked with birth moms for more than 30 years. We never pressure birth parents into making any choices.
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How Does Adoption Work?

The most common question we have about adoption in Maryland is how does it work? First, you put together an adoption plan. Think about what is important to you in adoptive parents. Consider how you want the baby to be raised. You must also plan whether you want an open or closed adoption. Once those decisions have been made, you choose the adoptive parents.

For Maryland adoptions, you are required to meet with a lawyer to terminate parental rights. Basically, that means that you are no longer legally responsible for the child.

We will help you through this adoption process in Maryland. Lifetime Adoption doesn’t expect you to do any of this on your own.
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What if My Child Has Already Been Born?

Whether your baby is a few days old or a few years old, you can still choose adoption. Just as it is never too early to choose adoption, it is never too late. There are plenty of adoptive parents in Maryland who want to parent older children or even siblings.
The adoption process for older children is similar to that for newborns. You will still choose the adoptive parents, you still have the option for a closed or open adoption and you must still terminate parental rights. Just as with newborn adoption in Maryland, Lifetime Adoption will help you through every step.
Adoption Services in Maryland helps adoptive couples

How do I Adopt a Child in Maryland?

Our free online application takes only 10 minutes to complete, but it could change your life. You simply need to fill out the form and click submit. We will contact you with the information you need. If you have questions about the adoption process at any point, don’t hesitate to call us.

Lifetime Adoption is the most successful facilitator of open adoptions in the United States. Most of our adoptive parents have adopted within 18 months, though in a few rare cases we have had as little as a 24-hour notice before a family has brought their new baby home. The more flexible you are, the more likely you will be chosen by a birth mom.






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