Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Enter your pregnancy information below and the calculator will provide an estimated conception date, due date and current fetal age.

Pregnancy Calculator

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DISCLAIMER: This test is a simple mathematical calculation and should not be used to replace a urine or blood test for pregnancy. If you think you are pregnant, contact your doctor. This test does not imply or suggest the medical diagnosis of pregnancy. The resulting report should not be considered medical advice.

Pregnancy Due Date Wheel

Pregnancy Wheel

If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to calculate a pregnancy due date, this estimated due date wheel is what you need! This wheel is also known as a conception date calculator, gestation calculator, pregnancy date calculator, due date calculator,  pregnancy calculator, or pregnancy wheel calculator.

Perfect for birth mothers, adoptive mothers wishing to calculate and follow along with a pregnancy, and makes a perfect gift idea for soon-to-be adoptive mothers and birth mothers to consult throughout the pregnancy and for the future.

Our high quality easy-to-read vinyl pregnancy wheel will calculate the approximate due date of birth in the privacy of your own home. For your convenience, this portable calculator can be easily carried in your purse or pocket.

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