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Adoption Services in Rhode Island

Lifetime Adoption is one of the top adoption agencies in RI and the nation for open adoptions. We work with couples and singles all over the country. Our focus is on open adoptions of newborns, but we gladly work with older children and sibling sets. We can even facilitate a closed adoption in RI if that is your desire.
Choosing Adoption Services in Rhode Island

New to Adoption? We Can Help

Few of the birth mothers we work with have previously looked into adoption agencies in RI. This process is one that is generally only considered when a woman is taken by surprise by an unexpected pregnancy or a sudden change in circumstance. Because adoption is so complex and pregnancy is already taking an emotional toll, we at Lifetime Adoption are very careful to provide all of the information you need as fully as possible. We also attempt to make every piece of information easy to understand. There is no reason for you to try to translate legal jargon when you are already taxed with so many decisions.
We will be your advocates during your adoption. We can help you make an adoption plan. We will introduce you to a variety of adoptive parents whose profiles meet your needs. We will discuss your options and answer all of your questions.
Couples Adoption Services in Rhode Island

You Make the Choices

Though Lifetime Adoption provides information and access, all of the choices are up to you. You pick the adoptive parents, decide what type of adoption you want and even decide how labor and delivery will work. Our job is to facilitate your plans. Your job is to make the best decisions possible for you and the baby.
When planning your adoption in RI, one option that will be very important is whether you want a closed or open adoption. A closed adoption allows for you to move on after the child is adopted. You will not have future contact with that child. Lifetime Adoption prefers to facilitate open adoptions. These adoptions allow you to be a part of the child’s life. You can simply share phone calls and photos. You can follow the family on social media. You can even have occasional visits if you desire.
Baby Adoption Services in Rhode Island

Adopting in Rhode Island and Beyond

Lifetime families in Rhode Island are likely to be chosen by a birth mother in less than two years. Most of our families only wait months before having a baby in their arms. Let us know what type of adoption you are most comfortable with when you complete our free, no obligation application.
Our agency was founded by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., an adoptive mother. We encourage open adoption, which allows families to communicate with each other after the adoption. We have found that this is the best psychological choice for the child and everyone else involved.
If you have questions about open adoption in RI, please give us a call. We are available around the clock to talk to you about your adoption in Rhode Island.






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