Adoption Services in Wyoming

Like all adoption agencies in Wyoming, Lifetime Adoption knows you want what is best for you and your unborn child. This is why we help to make the process of adoption in Wyoming an easy, pleasant experience for pregnant women. We also help families who wish to adopt with a process that is as simple as possible.
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Considering Adoption in Wyoming

Adoption may be the best option for you for any number of reasons. At Lifetime Adoption, we don’t question and we don’t judge. We only help you with a process that may be confusing and emotional. When you call, we will answer your questions without any pressure. There is no obligation on your part.
Not sure where to start? You may wish to ask some of the following questions:

  • What is an open adoption?
  • How does open adoption work?
  • What are my options?
  • Who are the families interested in adoption?
  • How do I meet these families?

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Adoption Services in Rural Areas

Living in Wyoming can make adoption difficult. You may feel like you don’t have access to the services you need for a successful adoption. Lifetime Adoption will work with you regardless of your location. Using your own needs and desires, as stated on your free questionnaire, we will let you choose from adoptive families that fit your needs. They may be in Wyoming or anywhere in the western United States. You can even choose families from all over the continental U.S. and beyond.
Adoption Services in Wyoming for children

Adopting a Child in Wyoming

Lifetime Adoption facilitates adoption in Wyoming and throughout the country. You may be chosen by a birth parent right here in the Equality State. You may be the top choice from a birth mother as far away as Alaska or even Maine. We strive to make sure every adoptive parent who wants a child is matched. This can take as little as one day, but often takes between six to 18 months.
When you are ready to adopt, complete our free online application. You may also call us with any questions you have. Regardless of your location in Wyoming, you can use our services to fulfill your dreams for a happy family.






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