saving for adoptionWhen you’re trying to afford infant adoption, it’s important to cut costs and save money wherever you can. Lifetime Adoption suggests creating an adoption budget, and setting up a separate bank account specifically for adoption funds. Today, we’re sharing 20 effective ways that you can save up for your adoption:

  1. Do you have a hobby you can make money with? (example: if you love to garden, you can tend others’ gardens for a fee)
  2. Do you have time on the weekend to take on a second job?  Or even mow someone’s lawn for gas money?
  3. Shop sales, and clip coupons. There are some great couponing apps out there!
  4. Examine your spending. Look at your items such as your cell phone plans, cable/TV bills, water usage, and gym memberships. You can change service providers or make do with a little less.
  5. Use the points or perks on credit cards or grocery stores to buy things you really want or need.
  6. Instead of going out to a movie, rent it or stream it on a site like Netflix or Hulu.
  7. Make coffee at home or work instead of hitting Starbucks each day.
  8. Eat fewer meals out. Taking your lunch to work will save a lot!
  9. Carpool with co-workers who live nearby.
  10. Pay all of your bills online to save in stamps.
  11. Fill your gas tank in the morning and try fill up when your tank is half full. You will lose less in fumes.
  12. Call your credit card companies and ask for a lower interest rate.
  13. Consider a line of credit at a lower rate to pay off or consolidate high interest debt.
  14. If you have adjustable rate mortgage, ask for a fixed rate or a lower rate.
  15. Save for purchases, including vehicles, vacations, and necessities.
  16. Do research before purchasing, by reading online reviews or publications such as Consumer Reports.
  17. Does your employer offer benefits you can take advantage of, like adoption credits and paid maternity leave
  18. Would working two jobs help you afford adoption more easily?
  19. Sell unwanted and unused items on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook.
  20. Does your job have a particular skill that’s in demand? For example, some teachers are also paid tutors!

We hope that these 20 ways to save for your adoption gave you some money-saving ideas to help you realize your dream of adopting a baby! Do you have any ideas that we didn’t mention? Please share them by leaving us a comment!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption