Adoption IS LoveHappy Valentine’s Day from Lifetime! We’re sending thoughts of love to all in the adoption triad: adoptive families, birth parents, and adoptees. Truly, love is something you get more of by sharing it!

In adoption, we can see love powerfully and abundantly present: it’s unconditional, unselfish, and lasts forever. Join us as we take a look at the various ways that love is present in the adoption process!

1. Adoption Means Unconditional Love
We often hear those touched by adoption saying things like “I couldn’t imagine loving him any more if I gave birth to him” and “I loved her before we even met.” Oftentimes, adoptees fit into their new family right away: it was meant to be.

When adoptees are asked how it feels to be adopted, many answer simply “I feel natural.”  They will tell you that they don’t feel different just because they were adopted: they belong in their family. It’s wonderful to see the love and bonding that happens in families formed by adoption.

2. Adoption is Unselfish

No matter how a woman feels about her pregnancy, she develops a bond with her baby right away. She’ll wonder what her child will be like, how she’ll care for him or her, and what she’ll need to give her baby the best she can. And sometimes this means making an adoption plan. It’s a difficult and heart-wrenching choice to make, but it’s one made out of love. A birth mother loves her child so much that she wants to give them a better life — one that she’s unable to provide at the moment. After the adoption happens she’ll think about her child often and love them for the rest of her life. A birth mom is making the ultimate sacrifice for her child — and it’s so unselfish!

3. Adoption is Forever

We often hear families formed through adoption referred to as a “forever family.” Why? Because from that day on, the child and his or her parents will always be connected. Each smile, tear, challenge, and accomplishment will be shared together. Adoption is for life, as is the strong and lasting love that develops.

So as you celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight with cards, roses, and chocolate, remember that love is about more than romance. It also means the type of love that’s shared between parent and child. It’s an unselfish love that a birth mother will always feel for her child, the lifelong love that adoptive families possess, and it’s unconditional.

Adoption is a perfect example of what love truly is!

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

Heidi Keefer is a Content Creator for Lifetime Adoption and has 15 years of experience in the field of adoption. An author of thousands of blog posts over the years, Heidi enjoys finding new ways to educate and captivate Lifetime’s ever-growing list of subscribers.

Heidi has a keen eye for misplaced apostrophes, comma splices, and well-turned sentences, which she has put to good use as a contributor to Lifetime’s award-winning blogs. She has written and published hundreds of adoption articles which explore the various facets of domestic infant adoption today.

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