Recently on Lifetime Adoption’s Facebook page, we asked past adoptive families “If you could give waiting adoptive parents one adoption travel tip, what would it be?” Here’s what people had to say:

“For me it was pack smart. I only brought the necessities (my clothes, toiletries, pre-washed baby clothes and cameras). Everything else was bought when I arrived… Amazon Smile was very helpful and my purchases supported Lifetime Foundation. If you haven’t bought one, buy the car seat local, though you can check it or gate check it, it’s one less thing to manage. I didn’t and really wish I had.”


“I would suggest maybe going down with your birthmother gift if you already have something in mind. The first time we had time to decide on a gift and take one. The second time things move so quickly between meeting the birth mother and delivery I get ended up being taking care of her after her C-section.

In the midst of your excitement, don’t forget your clothes. My husband forgot to put my suitcase in the car…lol. Yes be flexible! Rather than getting upset; I used it as an excuse to shop for me. Also, see if there are accommodations for adoptive parents that the hospital can assist with.

Whatever happens, just remember God is in control!”


“Have plans in place to leave on a moment’s notice. Let your job and anyone else it may effect know that if you get the call, you will have to leave. This way they don’t get upset if you have to leave them shorthanded….they’ll be excited for you! Thankfully I thought to do this ahead of time because before we were even matched, we got the call there was a birth mom in labor. We left as soon as we packed!”


“Always have a snack packed and a bag of some sort in case of sickness. A child gets sick or hungry when you really are not counting on it.”


“If flying home, the day you are scheduled to return to your home ship your belongings home. This allows you to focus on your new child and not worry with luggage and security checks. A simple backpack should be all one needs.”


“Be flexible! Do your research ahead of time. Have a good plan for leaving your home for an extended period of time, your job, most importantly a good plan for your children.”


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