prenatal_care.jpgHere’s a great question we were recently asked by a couple thinking about adoption: “Does Lifetime require that birth mothers get prenatal care before they can choose a family, or to start a match with adoptive parents?”

The answer is that a woman isn’t required to have prenatal care to make an adoption plan. But, many women who are thinking about adoption are already seeing a doctor and receiving pregnancy care by the time they call Lifetime. There are many reasons why a woman may not have (or be able to get) prenatal care, including lack of transportation, no insurance or money, fear of judgment, and even privacy concerns.

Lifetime asks for a medical release and health info from each birth mother. We will give the adoptive family she chooses all the documentation we receive regarding the health of the child they are considering adopting. Many hospitals will regularly do a toxicology screen on newborns. Most of the babies born to Lifetime birth mothers are born healthy; they’ve been cared for in utero by their loving birth mothers.

We do encourage all women to start prenatal care and can help a woman find local low cost or free medical care for her pregnancy, as well as state-provided insurance, when available. When allowed by state law, the adoptive parents she chooses for her baby may also be able to help her cover medical costs for the remainder of her pregnancy.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption