adoption_leave.jpgLast week, Lifetime Adoption introduced our newest blog series “Before You Adopt,” and gave info about babyproofing your home. This series will highlight fruitful activities that you can do during your adoption wait.

Today, we’re sharing tips with you about a parent’s adoption leave from their employer. Taking a leave from work is important: it allows you to bond with your newly adopted baby.

Make an appointment with your HR department, and ask them what your employer’s policy is on adoption leave. If paid time off isn’t permitted for adoption, you can present a proposal to change the policy. Educate yourself on the Family and Medical Leave Act, (FMLA) and the requirements it specifies for employers.

You might mention to your employer that since leave is afforded to employees who become parents by birth, it’s only fair that leave is offered as well for employees who become parents through adoption. Place emphasis on the long-term benefits to establishing attachment early on in a child’s life. 

A wonderful resource about adoption leave is offered by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. It’s a free kit called “Adoption Benefits for the Workplace.” Find out more and request a kit at DaveThomasFoundation.org. Once you receive the kit in the mail, pass along to your HR department.  

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