facebook live heather and patty.jpgWe recently streamed a Facebook Live Video on our page, Lifetime Adoption Center, and covered questions from our fans.

Lifetime Adoption’s Director Heather Featherston and Adoptive Family Team Lead Patty Boyte appeared in the video and provided their adoption expertise in answering the audience’s adoption questions. Today, we’re giving you access to their expertise as well!

Here are some of the questions that our audience asked Heather and Patty:

“What is a good gift for our child’s birth mother to show that we care? Could I make her something?”

“I’ve read some info about birth parents seeking families on your website, and some of them have very specific things they’re looking for in adoptive parents. Do you encourage birth parents to open up on what they’re looking for and maybe look for other types of families?”

“Do you know of any grants for families who want to adopt but may not be financially able to afford the cost of adoption, but can afford the cost of adding a new family member?”

“What do birth mothers like to know? And, how can we support them better?”

“When is a good time to talk about naming the baby?”

“What do birth mothers need right now? Anything we could donate to help?”

“For adoptive parents who’ve had a failed adoption, does Lifetime offer counseling?”

Discover our adoption expert’s answers in this recording of this Facebook Live session!

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