couple kiss their newly adopted babyCan 10 minutes make you a mommy or daddy through adoption?

It can if it is 10 minutes spent in the right direction.

In order to adopt, we have to take steps, one after another, each in the right direction, toward the child God has meant for your family. Many couples spend weeks, months, or even years thinking about adoption, when spending 10 minutes in the right direction may help them move just one step closer to becoming adoptive parents.

What can I do with 10 minutes?

The first step to learning more about a Lifetime Adoption is to complete our free application. It is short and helps you begin to think about some of the options you have in adoption – like race of the baby or child, age (newborn or toddler or older) and budget. And best of all, it can be completed in about ten minutes.

But what if I’m not ready for that commitment?

The next step is a one-on-one phone conference with an adoption coordinator who will help you learn more about adoption and if a Lifetime Adoption is the best fit for you. Sometimes families are more suited to international or foster adoption, but if you are a solid fit for our program, we will have a conversation with you to answer questions about adoption in general as well as specifics to your family. This is complimentary, our gift to you.

I still don’t see how 10 minutes can make me a mother through adoption?

It is the first step. Then will come the next step, and the next. But putting off the first step puts off beginning the entire journey. Take a moment today to consider that first step and start the path to find your miracle through a Lifetime Adoption.

Click here to complete Lifetime’s free adoption application.

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