family enjoying dining in a restaurantAt some point after baby arrives, you are going to get a little stir crazy. You and your spouse are going to chomp at the bit for a little culture and refinement. Why can’t someone else make dinner and clean up the mess for once?

Dining out can be just the thing to pamper and restore sanity to an otherwise unpredictable life. You want to remind yourself that you can still do some of the things that you used to do, before kids. It is possible to have a great night out with your spouse and new baby! The right restaurant can make the difference between a big mistake and a relaxing evening out.

How do you know that you are taking your baby to a family friendly restaurant? There is nothing worse than bringing baby to a restaurant and finding an atmosphere hostile to families! Do your research ahead of time and find an establishment that caters to families with young children. Here are signs that you have arrived at the right place:

  1. The parking lot is not only filled, but filled with minivans!
  2. You see high chairs stacked in the corner and bright balloons tied around the room.
  3. Your hostess grabs crayons and a coloring children’s menu as you are seated at your comfy booth. She gives you a big smile and coos at your baby.
  4. It smells like French fries and coffee.
  5. When you walk in with your baby, the other patrons do not stop talking and stare you down.
  6. It is noisy and busy. If baby starts to cry, she blends in to the background noise.

Some great family friendly restaurant chains are Black Bear Diner, Applebee’s, Claim Jumper, Strings, Mimi’s Café, BJs Restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, and Marie Calendars. There are many more mom and pop places that cater to families, so ask other families in your town for tips on where to go!

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