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Did you know that the employees from Lifetime Adoption frequently give of their time and resources to further the cause of Lifetime Adoption Foundation? Some of us volunteer at the annual fundraising garage sale. Others have donated money. Every contribution makes a difference (no matter how small). We believe in helping birth mothers get back on their feet. We want to support their hopes and dreams for a bright future.

Jenna lovingly chose adoption for her daughter in 2009. She was only 20 years old and did not have the education, resources or family support to raise a baby on her own. The family Jenna picked to adopt her daughter was wonderful and she had a sense of peace about her baby’s future. The couple was so grateful to Jenna for making their dreams of parenthood come true.

However, Jenna still had a future to plan for. Her adoption support coordinator told her about the programs in place to help birth mothers through educational scholarships and household needs. Thanks to the support of Lifetime Adoption Foundation, the young woman went to a local junior college and soon earned her A.A. degree. Before she got her job as an administrative assistant, Jenna was blessed by a package from the foundation. She received bedding, food and clothing to see her through this hard financial period.

Today, Jenna beams when she recalls the love and volunteer packing articles for a birth momsupport that Lifetime Adoption Foundation provided her. A small hand up was enough to move Jenna forward in her life. She is now gainfully employed, newly married and living in a comfortable condo in her home town. “Without the support of Lifetime Adoption Foundation I don’t know where I would be today! I have no regrets about choosing adoption for my daughter and am thankful Lifetime was there to assist when I had nowhere else to turn,” says a smiling Jenna.

Our employees hear stories like Jenna’s every week. That is why their hearts are open to supporting and volunteering for such a worthy charity. You can help too! There are many easy ways to bring joy and provision to a family in need. We find requests for assistance far outweigh the scholarships, grants and household supplies (including food) we are able to provide. If God is tugging on your heart to get involved, here are a few ways you can contribute:

  • Scrip: Bless birthmothers through your everyday purchases. Simply get on and purchase gift cards to many of your favorite retailors (Sears, Home Depot, Starbucks, and more). There will be a section that asks for your charity number. For Lifetime Foundation it is 3A83F95326342.
  • Adoption Prayer Bracelets: The funds raised through the sales of these custom designed bracelets go directly to birth mothers in need. There is a wide variety of colors and designs to match individual tastes. Each sweet bracelet comes in a special travel bag that contains a prayer card. There is also a heart shaped charm on the bracelet that says “Pray without ceasing,” 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Check out to order!adoption prayer bracelets
  • Look up to donate money or supplies. Click on the Support Our Efforts box and find out ways to donate through PayPal,, and the wish list for birth mothers. Many women need donations of clothing, non-perishable food, gift cards, and children’s Bibles. You may also call our donation office at 530-432-7383.

In this New Year, the need is greater than ever for generous families to open their hearts to birthmothers in crisis. For many of you, your lives have been forever changed by a birth mother’s choice. We thank you for your consideration in supporting Lifetime Adoption Foundation’s charitable programs. Your thoughtful contributions will help change lives and build a better future for many young women. You may want to give a meaningful gift to honor a special person. Has a birth mother changed your life? You may want to give a charitable offering in her name. Help spread the news through Facebook and Pinterest. We want to get the word out about our charitable programs!

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