The focus of a facilitator is on working with families and birth parents in helping them fulfill their personal goals for the good of the child.

Families are able to use their current home study and their local adoption attorney to complete their adoption. Lifetime Adoption, a facilitation center in Northern California, is able to help them connect with a birthmother who matches what they are seeking, and who, in turn, is seeking a family just like them! Finding a birthmother is the hardest part of the adoption, and it is what Lifetime specializes in. Lifetime assists in over 120 adoptions a year, that is over 120 little ones finding the family that God has meant for them!

As an adoption facilitator, Lifetime is able to do nationwide birthmother outreach. They are not limited to a certain geographical location, as many adoption agencies are. Their birthparent outreach team takes full advantage of this opportunity, through nationwide Yellow Page campaigns, extensive Internet outreach, and by sending Lifetime brochures and materials to clinics, hospitals, and other locations where a birthmother is likely to be.

Facilitation centers are also able to work with families in most every state. This allows a wider selection of families for birth parents to choose from. Some birth mothers desire their child to live in the mountains or near the ocean. Others may request a rural or urban home. Whatever the request, they are able to meet their needs.

Lifetime Adoption is very good at bringing families together through adoption. They work with birth parents in all 50 states. Birthmothers are able to work with an adoption facilitator regardless of their state.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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