This time of year the talk of money, spending, saving, and finances is in the air. It’s no surprise that tax season brings up this topic and people dive into healthy spending plans and debt payment goals in hopes to free their lives up for something more. Perhaps the “something more” you have in mind is adding a child to your family through adoption, or increasing your family’s ability to provide once that child arrives.

There are many benefits to healthy financial practices, including a contentment found in living simpler and relying less on the satisfaction that material things and spending temporarily offer. If the idea of preparing for a yard sale overwhelms you, think digitally. These days there are many local online garage sales through social media, such as Facebook groups, and don’t overlook the friends on your personal social media profiles. Take photos of items you no longer use, enjoy, or need to keep around. Price them to sell and post your photos and a few details about the items. Tip: always include your goal, such as “saving to adopt” or “we’re planning for adoption” so that people feel excited about helping you out. You can ask people to be responsible for picking items up as well, that way you’re not delivering the goods as they are sold.

The benefit of online garage sales is that it’s perpetual. You don’t have to collect items for one weekend or one major sale event. It’s on-going, as you go through rooms or boxes or as friends offer to donate items to your sale. You also avoid the hassle of tons of strangers parading through your property and have a relaxed control over who comes when and how you receive payment and complete the exchange. Online garage sales also eliminate that nagging feeling that “there’s not enough” for a sale; you sell what you want, when you want.

As you minimize clutter and better organize your stuff, you’ll also be clearing up space for your growing future family.

If you need a few ideas of what could start your online yard sale efforts here are a few ideas we’ve seen on Facebook:

  • DVDs (price cheap, perhaps even in bundles by theme)
  • Unworn, or like-new adult clothing, especially if name brand, outerwear, or specialty athletic garments (like a ski jacket or snowboard pants)
  • Gently used or new children’s clothing
  • Purses or handbags
  • New or practically-new shoes
  • Cameras or equipment
  • Home décor
  • Kitchen appliances or dinner ware (in full sets)
  • Furniture (include dimensions)
  • Yard equipment, such as mowers or patio sets
  • Jewelry or accessories
  • Vintage or antique items

It helps to make your goal focused on simplifying your belongings so that you’re not only looking at the items potentially bringing in higher sale amounts. Every little bit counts. Make it worth your customers’ efforts to pick up the items they want by pricing reasonably and presenting accurate details or conditions of the things you sell. In addition, ask friends and family to donate things to your sales toward your adoption dream. Each sale will help you reach your adoption goal and loved ones and your community will feel blessed to be a part of your family’s story.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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